SAT Workshop and Crash Course

SAT is an essential component of your college preparation strategy. Even though some colleges are eliminating SAT requirements, many of the country's top schools still require SAT This  means that  you prepare for your SAT in order to get the best results for top-tier college graduate schools. To help with the preparation, HTGC Vidyalaya is offering two different courses for students

8 Week SAT Workshop  - Fee $300

4 Week SAT Crash Course  - Fee $200



Crash course

Date (Sundays)

 (Starts at 2:00 p.m.)


Week - 1

Mar 5, 2023

2 hours

Week - 2

Mar 12, 2023

2 hours

Week - 3

Mar 19, 2023

2 hours

Week - 4

Mar 26, 2023

2 hours

Week - 5

Week - 1

Apr 9, 2023

2 hours

Week - 6

Week - 2

Apr 16, 2023

2 hours

Week - 7

Week - 3

Apr 23, 2023

SAT Practice Test-1 (4 hrs)

Week - 8

Week - 4

Apr 30, 2023

SAT Practice Test-2 (4 hrs)

Topics covered includes Math strategies, Verbal and Sentence Completion Strategies, Passage reading and comprehension, 101 Most Common Math Questions, Vocabulary building and strategy, Grammar and usage refresher, and comprehension and Tips and tricks for SAT writing test (Note: Some of the topics are only available in workshop)

Slots are limited so please register as soon as possible.  Free book for first 20 registration

Bhagavat Gita Classes

Will provide more details soon....

Please register here

Bhakti Yoga Classes

Bhakti Yoga is a devotional and heart opening practice. As a spiritual practice, we chant the many names of God, or creator. By chanting ancient, often Sanskrit mantras, one can attune to the various personalities of the one Godhead and experience/remember the Love that holds and guides us. The meaning of these mantras is conveyed through vibration. We can experience the power of a mantra simply through its repetition. 

Chanting is sometimes accompanied with music and melody. This is known as kirtan. A kirtan leader will lead each chant. Often the practice will be, ‘call and response’. This is where the kirtan leader will chant a mantra, and then the participants in the room will respond back together, repeating what was said. A great Saint once said, “Wherever a few have gathered in My Name, there I will be also”. By chanting together, we can invoke and awaken powerful healing energies. A palpable field of love grows in the room as more individuals participate. The practice helps us shift from identification with the mind to identification with the Heart. As one’s heart opens during practice, sometimes tears of joy will fill the eyes. It is a feeling of being welcomed home, and that home is Love.

Bhakti Yoga class happens on every third Friday at 6:30 pm.  Session 1 from October to March and Session 2 from April to September.  If you wish to join the session please complete the Registration form using the details below.  

Adult Samskritam Classes

In collaboration with Samskrita Bharati USA, we offer adult Samskritam classes. A brand-new Adult Beginners class for this year will start soon. The course is open to anyone who speaks an Indian language. 

Vidyalaya Vedic Camp

During the summer break, the Vedic camp is often held for two weeks. It was conducted in month of July. Children are dropped off at the temple for summer camp from 9am  in the morning until approximately 5pm in the evening. The curriculum includes classes in yoga, chants, bhajans, dance, science, Vedic math, SAT, arts and crafts, clay modeling, and other topics. During camp, children are provided with breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Registration Details :

To enroll in Vidyalaya (Sunday school) 2022–2023/Bhakti Yoga classes and pay the registration fee, please fill out the Registration Form. Separate registration required for each participant.