The Mission of the HTGC library is to meet the needs of the devotes for education, information and personal development regarding Hinduism and Hindu Culture. The HTGC Library provides all devotees kids, youth, adults and seniors educational resources and services to support them in their cultural growth journey.

HTGC Library Membership

We have been working to encourage kids to visit the library. Many of our volunteers are dedicated to keeping the library open on the weekends. We invite guests to the HTGC temple to utilize the library to the fullest extent they can.  

Lending books

Visitors can become members of the library and loan books. At the end of the loan period, members can return or renew the books they have borrowed. There is a one time fee of $10 to become a member.

Visitor Activities

Additionally, visitors to the HTGC library are permitted to read literature there. The main library room can be used for Hindu religious and cultural events. To reserve your time, kindly check with the librarian. Children are urged to go to the library. Kids are given activity materials like coloring pages. Every time you go to the temple, kindly allow the kids to visit the library.

HTGC Library Events

Vidyalaya through HTGC Library conducts various events throughout the year. These events help kids engage with the temple and learn about our culture and customs. Some of the events we conducted includes

  • Children use poster boards to color, sketch, paint, or create crafts.
  • Quiz on Muruga/Subramania
  • Quiz on Carnatic music
  • Navratri coloring competition
  • Diwali make and take diya decoration
  • Hand writing contest
  • Mahashivratri Lord Shiva Mosaic

Selected participants are recognized by HTGC Vidyalaya.

Sloka Recitation Event

Practice Chapter 12, 20 slokas of Bhagavath Gita. Memorize and recite the sloka. Get the Activity card stamped each time you recite a sloka Once you recite all 20 slokas win a prize. Please use the registration page to register for the event.

To participate in the HTGC Vidyalaya event please visit the event Event Registration page.