Rent Facility

The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago offers different facilities to suit the renter’s needs. A brief description follows:

The Community Center

The Community Center is a humble addition to the existing beautiful temples, serving as a link between the Ramalaya and the Ganesha-Shiva-Durga (GSD) Temple on either side. Situated centrally in this large complex, its subtle traditional Indian architecture blends with the two existing temples. The Community Center has two levels with a total area of 19,775 sq ft. The auditorium on the upper level has a large stage and a hall with a seating capacity of 575. The dining-multipurpose hall on the lower level has a seating capacity of 300 people for dining and a kitchen with limited amenities. A rear approach road provides a convenient and direct entry to the porch and lobby of the lower level on the west side of the building.

The Ramalaya Auditorium

For smaller events not exceeding 100 attendees, the lower level of the Rama temple adjoining the Prasadam Kitchen is available.

To book a facility, please call the HTGC Office at (630) 972-0300, Extension #0.

Rental Rules

  1. The lessee shall conform to all rules, regulations and customs established by HTGC.
  2. Smoking , non-vegetarian food or alcoholic beverages will NOT be allowed in the temple complex.
  3. No food or drinks are allowed in the Rama temple area and in the Sama Rathi Center.
  4. Children must be kept under constant supervision of responsible adults.
  5. Decorations are not allowed in the rented area using scotch tape , staples and nails. All rental area must be kept tidy and clean.
  6. Damage to the property or furniture will be charged to the lessee.
  7. Kitchen may be used for warming the food and not for cooking or frying.
  8. A very limited refrigerator and freezer space is available in the kitchen.
  9. The lessee agrees to hold HTGC, its officers, governing body, members, and agents harmless from and against any loss, damage and /or liability occasioned by, doming out of or arising from any tortuous or negligent act on the part of party, his agents, employees or invitees connected with the use of HTGC facilities. It is the responsibility of the lessee, its members or their guests to obtain adequate insurance to protect themselves against losses resulting from the use of HTGC facilities.
  10. Temple custodian will help the function run smoothly

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