HTGC Yoga Vision 

Yoga Mission

  • Practice yoga more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.
  • Train our body, mind and spirit to achieve inner peace, love, joy, and complete harmony with the universe.
  • Make benefits of yoga available to all people irrespective of different cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

Yoga Objectives

  • Offer high quality hatha yoga classes consisting of asanas, pranayama and meditation.
  • Inspire and be inspired by wonderful community of Yoga students and teachers.
  • Host some of the best international yoga conferences, workshops, and events in the country.
  • Collaborate with top talented, qualified and experienced teachers within the country and from around the world

Yoga Committee

  • Prasad Palacharla RYT500 (HTGC yoga committee chair, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)
  • Saba Haider, E-RYT200 (HTGC yoga committee co-chair, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)
  • Sreenath Gupta RYT-200 (HTGC yoga committee member, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)
  • Rama Palacharla RYT-200 (HTGC yoga committee member, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)

Yoga Teachers

  • Poonam Gupta E-RYT500
  • Kali Om E-RYT500
  • Prasad Palacharla RYT-500
  • Saba Haider E-RYT200
  • Debbie Benes E-RYT200
  • Stefanie Maloney E-RYT200
  • Jill Ganeshan E-RYT-200
  • Vitalija Sireikis E-RYT200
  • Bill Vassios RYT-200
  • Kiran Ramineni RYT-200
  • Rama Palacharla RYT-200
  • Sreenath Gupta RYT-200
  • Rachel Rhode RYT-200
  • Monika Diebes RYT-200

Past Event Videos

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