HTGC Yoga Vision

About HTGC Yoga

We welcome you to our HTGC yoga classes (consisting of asanas, pranayama and meditation) at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. We are fortunate to have serene peaceful meditative place for practicing Yoga surrounded by wonderful Yoga practitioners like you in every class. From time to time we also have many Yoga workshops, events and discourses at HTGCYoga by many excellent teachers from India and around the world.
HTGC Yoga - Unity in diversity

Yoga Mission

  • Practice yoga more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.
  • Train our body, mind and spirit to achieve inner peace, love, joy, and complete harmony with the universe.
  • Make benefits of yoga available to all people irrespective of different cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

Yoga Objectives

  • Offer high quality hatha yoga classes consisting of asanas, pranayama and meditation.
  • Inspire and be inspired by wonderful community of Yoga students and teachers.
  • Host some of the best international yoga conferences, workshops, and events in the country.
  • Collaborate with top talented, qualified and experienced teachers within the country and from around the world

Yoga Committee

  • Prasad Palacharla RYT500 (HTGC yoga committee chair, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)
  • Sreenath Gupta RYT-200 (HTGC yoga committee co-chair, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)
  • Rama Palacharla RYT-200 (HTGC yoga committee member, Volunteer Teacher, HTGC member)
  • Monika Diebes RYT-200 (HTGC yoga committee member, Volunteer HTGC kids yoga teacher)














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