What is In the Wings?

In The Wings (ITW) is a youth group centered through The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago to promote religious, humanitarian, and social interactions and education to the temple’s youth. 

How does In the Wings serve as a youth network?

Along with promoting religious and social interaction, ITW also functions as a network within the Indian community. This is because people can always rely on the ITW group to be there for them. There are always discussion groups, counselors, speakers, and priests, as well as the new friends that ITW members will make, that are willing to discuss the problems in their lives. Furthermore, ITW teaches our youth to work together as a TEAM. This occurs throughout the organization of the events and participating in each of the events itself. In addition, while working and participating with others, young adults are bound to make great friendships, meet new people and enhance their old friendships. 

How does In The Wings play a role in the future of the temple and community?

The members of In The Wings are the future of the temple and of the community. ITW guides the younger generations in discovering how significant religion and culture are in their lives. It is up to the individual youth member to maintain the temple and learn how valuable the Indian community is, so all of this can be passed onto the next generation of Indian youth.

ITW hopes to mold the youth into responsible and intelligent young adults who will take the right steps in the future. By participating in ITW, they will have gained insight on Hinduism and its role in life. The experiences and knowledge they grasp from In The Wings will help preserve the Indian culture and religion, as well as maintain the temple for the future. 

Parents: Would you like your child to join In the Wings?

Encourage your children to start participating in ITW events and volunteering services available to them. After participating in ITW your child will have a good time and meet new friends. Please fill out the membership form to make your child a member of In The Wings.

Click here to download an Application Form.

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