Poshaka Donation - Monthly Giving Program

Who are we: The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago in Lemont, IL has been in the forefront for over three decades in helping many seeking to actively continue of traditional Indian religious and cultural values in US. Today, the temple, in addition to two main temples, Sri Rama and Ganesh-Shiva-Durga temples, has a Vivekananda Statue and Vivekananda Spiritual Center that provides additional source to learn and experience spirituality. With the addition of this notable center and installation of Swamiji’s statue - the first one to be installed in a public place in United States of America, HTGC has become a prime center for religious, spiritual and cultural activities for thousands of people in midwest states; Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Iowa.
Help us to Serve You Better, always. Your commitment of $10 or more per month towards temple maintenance will go a long way. 
Here is why: With the size comes a sizable expense required to maintain and operate the temple complex. Below a representation of the expenses and revenue. You will notice a large part of the non-capital revenue comes from Hundi collections and Prasadam. This in the past has been a great source of revenue and helped the temple fund the operations. However, the cash flow from these two streams is not steady, resulting in a cash crunch. This forces the management to raise money through donation to meet the expenses or any emergency maintenance.
We believe one of the best ways to even out the cash flow is by raising money through a small dollar based monthly giving program. Hence Poshaka, which literally means supporter. This unique program: a) provides the community an opportunity to support the temple in a small way, and regularly, b) allows temple to operate and provide the best services to its devotees without the cash crunch.


With that, the management makes an earnest request to all the devotees to contribute generously. Please sign-up and we will process your donations on a monthly basis. Your information is safe as this is stored in a secure cloud-based software provider where the information is collected, stored safely and processed on a regular basis. For the purpose of additional security, the credit card information is encrypted and stored safely. Upon completion of the form, you will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.

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