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Summer Vedic Camp Curriculum

In-Person camp Curriculum

  • From  July 19th To July 30th
  • A full day of camp at the temple premises starting at 8:30 and ending at 5:00 pm
  • 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes later drop-off and pickup windows
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided.
  Elementary Middle High school
  Kindergarten - 5th 6th - 8th 9th - 12th
Dropoff     Volunteering
Opening Prayers
First period Yoga Yoga Yoga/Chants/bhajans/Meditation
Breakfast     Volunteering
Second Period Chants Chants EVOLVING: ACT/SAT
Third Period Bhajans Bhajans EVOLVING: ACT/SAT/PSAT/College Prep
Fourth Period Science/Project Vedic Math Vedic Math
Lunch     Volunteering
Fifth period Arts and Crafts/Origami (and Clay molding - 1 class per week - 2 hours each) Arts and Crafts (and Clay molding - 1 class per week - 2 hours each) Project work (Clay molding - 1 class per week/2 hours each)
Sixth period Options (EVOLVING): - Story time/Coloring/Dance(kolatam)/keyboard/instruments/vocal/ Research on Vedic cultures/religion or India/Storytime/Values/Pancha tantra/Library time/Write up on books read Project work
Break     Volunteering
Seventh period Outside (Weather permitting) Outside (Weather permitting) Volunteering
Closing prayers      
Cartoon time & Pickup
    Volunteering/Library time

Online CampCurriculum

  • From  July 19th To Aug  6th
  • Classes run from 8:30 to 12:30 with a 10-minute break some time in between
  Elementary Middle High school
  Kindergarten -5th 6th-8th 9th-12
Opening Prayers      
First period Chants Bhajans Chants/bhajans/Meditation
Second Period Bhajans Chants EVOLVING: ACT/SAT
Third period coloring/storytime Vedic Math Vedic Math
Fourth Period EVOLVING EVOLVING Teamwork/project/Improv
Closing Prayers      


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