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Vidyalaya 2020 FAQ




Where do I sign up for the classes?

Signup is url at http://www.htgc.org/ and click on Activities/Vidyalaya/Register Online.


Is the 2020 Vedic Camp/Current Vidyalaya discount per family or student?

The discount offered is per student. A Code is emailed to the current (2019-2020) Vidyalaya families and 2020 Vedic Camp Participants. This is strictly for use by the current Vidyalaya families only.


Is registration complete as soon as I register my children?

Registration is considered complete only when (1) Enter full details of students and parents, (2) Payment (3) Permission form(s) are signed and returned. If any of these are missing, registration is not considered complete.




Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, we will be taking attendance at all classes.  Atleast 60% attendance is needed to receive a participation certificate in any class.  Certain classes (like Dance/Music/Chess) require more attendance.  Students with 85% or more attendance will have a special mention in their certificate of participation.




What are the hours of the classes?

The schedule posted online will provide hours of the classes. The classes will be 4 hours, approximately four 1 hour sessions.  They are generally held on every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of any month (with some exceptions in November and December.)

Are online classes recorded?

HTGC may record some classes to showcase the participation of students, student projects etc. The recording may also be used to assist students to play back and review.




Can I make additional donations to Summer Vedic Camp, Vidyalaya or HTGC?

Yes, HTGC is primarily run on donations for generous donors. There will be sponsorship opportunities available for providing scholarships, subscriptions to online services. If you would like to make donations, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or talk to the manager at HTGC.




What online services do you use for online education?

Vidyalaya currently uses MoodleCloud for online course content management as well as conferencing.  We may use Zoom.us as a backup.


Where is the class location?

The classes of Vidyalaya will be offered fully online until December, 2020. In December the Covid-19 situation will be evaluated and onsite classes will be considered at that time. Online classes will continue through the end of school year (May 2021) for out-of-state students and students who are more than 50 miles away from the temple.




What methods of payments are accepted?

HTGC uses Paypal to accept payments. After the children are signed up for the classes, you will be redirected to Paypal website to make a payment.


Do I need to sign up for Paypal account?

No. You can simply click on "Pay with Debit or Credit card".


Can I call the front desk and make a payment?

The preferred method is to make the payment along with registration. Your signup and payment info will be complete and in one place. This ensures your place in the camp. If it's absolutely not possible for you to make a payment using the Paypal, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss alternative methods of payment.


How are the funds raised used?

Part of the funds are used to provide kits, certificates, material, online services, external services, tokens of appreciation for volunteer teachers and other Vidyalaya related activities. The rest of the funds are used for HTGC operations. The Vidyalaya committee members,Teachers and Volunteers provide their time and services at no cost to the temple or students.


Are there scholarships available for families in Financial need?

Yes, HTGC wants to provide education at no cost to families facing financial hardship. These include loosing a job due to Covid-19 or otherwise, families with limited financial means etc. Please make an appropriate selection from the dropdown list at the bottom of the registration form (in regards to financial hardships) and DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT. HTGC will get in touch with you to verify such financial hardship. The verifiable financial hardship includes - filing for unemployment, food stamps etc. Strict confidentiality will be maintained of families in such need.




Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, the Summer Vedic Camp and other Vidyalaya activities are the fruits of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up online and the volunteer representative will get back to you.


Do the teen volunteers get Service hours?

Yes, Vidyalaya encourages teen volunteers to participate in Summer Vedic camp and other Vidyalaya related activities. Such volunteers have to sign up ahead of time and should provide volunteer services under the guidance of Vidyalaya Chair and committee members. The teens can request a letter for the volunteer hours from the Vidyalaya Chair.

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