A Masterclass of Select Kamalamba NavaAvarana Kritis

HTGC proudly announces NavaAvarana, a Masterclass of select Kamalamba NavaAvarana Kritis by Shri Mudduswami Dikshithar.

These Kritis composed by Shri Mudduswami Dikshithar (1776-1836) are some of the most divine and celebrated kritis for their divinity and authenticity in the field of Indian music, particularly Carnatic Music. These kritis, in praise of Goddess Kamalaamba of Thiruvarur, are treasures that exemplify not only the technical brilliance of the composer but also offer a deep insight into the Advaitic school of Hindu philosophy. 

NavaAvarana refers to the nine layers of the Sri Chakra yantra, one of the primary modes of Devi worship. Each Avarana has a deity associated with it, which is mentioned in each of the songs. This is also a set of vibhakthi kritis intelligently using a different grammatical principle of Sanskrit in each of the kritis.

Mudduswami Dikshitar , who was a Srividya Upasaka composed these special kritis that facilitate all aspirants to reap the benefits of Srividhya Upasana and are indeed a treasure to the Religious & Carnatic Music communities.

MasterClass Details:

The Masterclass will be taught by Smt Suguna Varadachari.

  1. All aspirants – young and adult alike who are strongly interested in furthering their music repertoire are invited and encouraged to register and participate.
  2. Aspiring learners must be able to render at least three varnams in two speeds with experience in handling standard kritis.
  3. There will be a nominal non-refundable registration fee of $115 charged to defray the expenses by HTGC.
  4. Each participant will benefit by learning four to five Kamalamba kritis that will be taught via Zoom.
  5. There will be a weekly teaching session (Friday 7:30 PM CST) with Smt Suguna Varadachari followed by one or more practice sessions conducted by Sri Aravind Sundar during the course of the week (Mon/Wed 7:30 pm CST). These sessions will be held for about five weeks during  Aug – Sep 2023, and will be followed by final in-person rehearsals. A more accurate schedule will be posted closer to the first week of August 2023. Sessions with Smt Suguna Varadachari will be in the “Listen Mode” for the participants for the most part. 
  6. Recordings of teaching sessions along with song rendition and lyrics for the compositions will be provided to all participants.
  7. Active participation during the practice sessions is highly encouraged to ensure best individual and group outcomes. 

The teaching sessions will conclude with Kamalamba NavaAvarana Sangeethopachaaram, a musical offering with a group rendering of the Kamalamba NavaAvarana kritis.

This is an in-person event and will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 10:00 AM at the Sama Rathi auditorium at HTGC.

The directors will decide the arrangement on the stage for the event.

List of Krithis*

  • Kamalambike - Thodi - Rupakam
  • Sri Kamalambikaya Katakshitoham - Shankarabharanam - Rupakam
  • Kamalambikayai - Kambhoji - (Khanda) Ata
  • Sri Kamalamba Jayati - Ahiri - Rupakam
  • Sri Kamalambike - Sri - Khanda Ekam

*Time permitting all Krithis will be taught. The Krithis and the order in which they are taught are subject to change based on the pool of candidates who register.

Class Timings* 

Friday 7:30 PM CST

Practice sessions every Mon / Wed 7:30 pm as needed. 

Class Schedule for 2023**

Aug 24, 2023 (Exception Thursday class to accommodate Guru's schedule)

Sept 1, 2023

Sept 15, 2023

Sept 22, 2023

Sept 29, 2023

**If there are any special activities taking place in the temple on the given days, the dates and time may be changed. Some sessions with the master may be added, rescheduled or canceled based on her availability. This will be intimated to registered participants.

Registration Details:

To enroll in “Kamalamba NavaAvarana Kritis' class please use the registration link below and enter the contact information, participant details and pay the registration fee. Please register separately for each participant.

Register Here