Religion Class
Level Goal Books
Religion 1
3 to 5 yrs /Max 25
Stories/Coloring sheets/Songs – basics of religion & culture: Learn about the various deities, hear about the reasons for celebrating different festivals; coloring & Bhajans as classroom activities. Materials provided
Religion 2
6 + /Max 25
General Sanskrit Shlokas reflecting moral values;  active participation by students Printed materials
Religion 3
8 + /Max 25
GITA Chapter 12 – Chanting, meaning explained Printed materials
Religion 4
8+/Max 23
Ramayana – notes will be provided to discuss the story; homework assignments may be expected. Printed materials
Religion 5
6 + /Max 20
Hanuman Chaalisa Printed materials
Religion 6
3 to 5 yrs/ Max 25
Bhajans for Little Ones
Religion 7
6 + Max 20
Thiruppugazh Bhajans in Carnatic Music Style
(1st and 5th Sunday; Saturday before 3rd Sunday)
Religion 8
Any age
Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranamam
Religion 9
10+ /Max 25
Dharmic Values for Spiritual Growth  Scenarios/Discussion
Religion 10
6 + /Max 20
Veda Sooktham Class Recitation
Sanskrit Class
Level 1
Age 5+ Max 23
Learn Vowels & Consonants;
Learn Shlokas & words in the book;
Learn to construct basic, simple, short sentences
Level 2 – Beginner
Age 8+ Max 23
Same as above, but emphasized more
Level 1 & 2 being structured as per Samskrit Bharati school
Level 3 -Intermediate
Age 8+
Learn shlokas, conjoined sentences, simple words, simple sentences, names of things/animals/birds; numbers up to 30,
How to tell time, vocabulary building, simple verbs and stories. Preparation for graduation.
Sanskrit Bharati Class Conversational +  Varnamala - Gita                                                        Gita Sopanam
Hindi Class
Conversational Hindi
Age 8+/ Max 23
Speaking in Hindi – Greeting, basic talk phrases with vowel words, with consonants, noun, vocabulary lists and conversational scripts, conversations using months/days of the week/ numbers/ seasons/vegetables/ birds, and antonyms Hindi in 40 weeks
By Dr. Abha Gupta
(available at discount price through Vidyalaya)
Level 1  Hindi Varnamala – vowels & consonants
Level 2 Matras
Level 3 Short Phrases
Level 4 Short Stories & Poems 
Kannada 1 5+ /Max 21 Conversational Kannada – primarily learning to greet, count numbers, parts of body, short phrases, simple sentences 50 languages
Kannada 2 5+ / Max 23 Vowels & Consonants 
Malayalam 1,2 5+ / Max 15  Reading & writing, alphabets, conversation Onam Padom
Conversational Malayalam 10+/Max 10 Speaking in Malayalam
Tamil 1A  5+/ Max 23  Tamil 1A – Reading, writing and speaking; learning to recognize, read and write Tamil letters, recite rhymes, numbers, days, months; name colors & shapes CBSE
Tamil 1B 5+ / Max 23 Tamil 1B – Homework, Rhymes, Body parts &functions, Vegetables, fruits, tastes, animals & their sounds, birds & their sounds, directions, short words CBSE
Telugu 1 5+ / Max 23 Telugu -1 – To be confirmed
Telugu 2 5+ / Max 23 Telugu -2 – To be confirmed
YK 6-13 / Max 23 Yoga for Kids – Waiver for liability needs to be signed by parent; Yogasanas are taught.  Mat needed
MK Max 23 Experts from SOS provide instruction
MK Max 23 Experts from SOS provide instruction
MK Max 23 Experts from SOS provide instruction
 Vaasi Yoga  Vaasi yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on the subtle inner breath (vaasi or vasi) and the channels (nadi) through which energy flows in the breathing process
BN     6+/Max 10   Bharata Natyam for Beginners- Adavus, mudras and Head/Eyes movement; there will be a test every 2 months after 4 classes to ensure regular practice; need non-restrictive clothing such as large tea shirts and sweatpants/salwar kameez.
BN     6+ / Max 10 Bharata Natyam for Advanced Learners
KK     6-13 / Max 16 Kathak Dance – Level 1- introductory; learn the basic hand movements and footwork in teen taal and karbha taal; learn to dance to shlokas and tukdas; class will cover basic theory
TB     6+ / Max 8 Tabla – students need to bring their own tablas
CV1    6-12/ Max 16 Carnatic music -Sarala Swaram- digital voice recorder needed 1 sheet protector
CV2    6-12 /Max 16 Carnatic Music -Janti Swaram- digital voice recorder needed
KK    6 +  / Max 16 Kathak Dance – Beginners
A P     10-13 / Max 20 Alice Programming- designed to teach students basic programming theory without complex semantics of languages such as C++. Alice used a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models. Each student must bring her/his laptop to every class.
PP   10-13 /Max 20 Python Programming – one of the most widely used programming languages in the industry. Each student must bring her/his laptop to every class.
SS        8+ /Max 23 Student-Led -Simple Science (with Mom): Each class will have 10-20 minutes to cover the basics about each topic and then focus on making a toy or a real world item using that concept.
CB 8+ /Max 23 Beginner’s Chess – 2 sessions offered Chess Board
CA 8+ /Max 10 Advanced Chess Chess Board
PSAT  12 + / Max 20 PSAT 
SAT    14 + / Max 20  SAT Preparation Course 
IC       8 + /Max 16 Indian Cooking 
AC     6+/Max 16 Arts & Crafts as name implies
LS     12-14 /Max 5 Life Skills Class – Emotional IntelligenceI-101: building Intrapersonal/Interpersonal relationships, improving adaptability, dealing with stress management and general mood. Each of these sections will be further divided into sub-skills that address problem-solving, happiness, flexibility, resilience and other critical emotional & social competencies.
JM   8-12 /Max 10 Jewelry Making - Necklace, Earrings, bracelet Learn how to create your own


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